Status of Healthcare in the Philippines

healthcare in PhilippinesWhile Europe has been shaken by series of protests over the lack of funding towards healthcare, this is the complete opposite in most Asian countries. If you happened to get sick in the Philippines, you have to pay things using mostly your own budget. This is the pain of healthcare in the Philippines.
According to the UN Millennium Development Goals, they have stated that they wanted to decrease the overall morbidity and mortality among communicable diseases. If you will look at the statistics, though conditions like tuberculosis is curable; the statistics still speak otherwise.
In this light, this problem has been worsened by the fact that there is a deficiency in terms of staffing. According to the general standards of the World Health Organization, you need one nurse for every four patient. Though Philippines is the leading country in terms of registered nurses, the government still hasn’t responded to hire them to meet or at least try to meet the suggested nurse to patient ratio.
Though this is the reality that public healthcare has to face, it is the complete opposite in the private sector. Previously, most private sector hospitals ask for cash payments, but the growth of HMO card issuance had lowered the cash payment process. People have been able to attain health cards that would cover most of the expenses that they have made for their healthcare.
With the number of BPO companies in the Philippines, these companies have offered health cards for their employees. Given the graveyard shift and the long hauls of working hours, it is not really far from happening that you experience any type of health condition. A health condition could be detrimental to a company’s productivity. Thus, they made sure that everyone is actually taken care of with company-issued health card to pay the bills.
The health card however would only cover a limited amount. With the number of limitations, you may even have to cover for some of the treatments yourself. For those with parents, the companies would sometimes allow beneficiaries below 50 years of age.
If you are living in the Philippines and you want a cost effective way to get medical assistance, it is highly recommended you apply to get a health card. Even private individuals could avail of these things. As a suggestion, you should however look into the different packages and read through their stipulations.


Guest Post by: John Michael – Expert Author and registered nurse in the Philippines

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